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céad míle fáilte

There once searched a young dog in green ‘Midst the flowers betwixt and between. …..Though tales he’d been told, …..Of a pot full of gold, He discovered a wild Irish Queen. A hundred thousand welcomes from your 100% bone-a-fide Irish bard – consorting with druids, in touch with the leprechauns & full of the blarney: […]

Happy Cousins & the Laughing Jackal

So last night, we were hanging out with Mom, watching “Dogs 101” about very rare breeds.  I liked the New Guinea Singing Dog, & Maezi liked the Thai Ridgeback – until she didn’t – then she started talking back to it.  She didn’t think they were friendly enough, except for Magic, the one that surfed. […]

When the long lost relatives come to visit

I was so excited that my “cousin” got to come for a visit, that I completely forgot about the next dog limerick. We had previously only corresponded by phone.  Her name’s Lauren & she’s great! We had a good time hanging out & getting acquainted.  We played a little fetch but mostly I played “keep […]