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Hatch this!

Ok, so one of the fun things about Easter, is that we get to go on a hunt…AND our eggs hatched… I just love soft fluffy little things when they come out of their shells… . . . . . But the really mysterious puzzle has been the alien pod & what it was going […]

Happy Barkin’ Easter

A beautiful, bright sunny day, I just wanted to frolic and play. …..But I’m stuck on my keester …..Just waiting for Easter… Those are BIG eggs for Bunny to lay! . . . . . . Maezi & I are going to have fun opening those…& when she’s not looking, or even when she is…I’m […]

Spring Fling continued – Maezi, guest blogger

My superior tracking abilities & keen powers of deduction gave me the edge I needed to discover Auggie’s trail.  What to do?  We are NOT allowed down the hill…however, the steps of doom beckoned me.  I had to find my brother.  I tracked the prints down, down, down – what I determined is…. . . […]

Spring Fling – Maezi, guest blogger

…so…we’re not supposed to head down the hill.  In fact, it is expressly forbidden.  I don’t know what got into Auggie.  Or me, for that matter.  All I know is that it was a glorious day & there were tasty aromas in the air.  The rain had finally ended & there was a scintillating breeze […]

Who is Rube Goldberg?

And…..what is he doing at my house?  OK, so it’s been raining cats & dogs.  Well, actually, fat, florid, giant, heavy, smattering wet drops.  I haven’t noticed any of the cats, possums, birds, raccoons…anybody, really…  ‘Cuz it’s too darned wet to go outside.  In fact, I refused.  We won’t discuss the ramifications of that, except […]

céad míle fáilte

There once searched a young dog in green ‘Midst the flowers betwixt and between. …..Though tales he’d been told, …..Of a pot full of gold, He discovered a wild Irish Queen. A hundred thousand welcomes from your 100% bone-a-fide Irish bard – consorting with druids, in touch with the leprechauns & full of the blarney: […]

Oh, Possum!

Maezi couldn’t get over the possum visit.  She talked of nothing else for days – it was beginning to get on my nerves & MAEZI INTERRUPTS… Well, it freaked me out! But you never even came outside to see him. I didn’t have to come outside – there was a monster on the other side […]

Dangers in the night

Late one night, Maezi & I were chewing on some bones & all of the sudden she popped up, ran to the doggie door in the garage & started barking her head off. She just kept barking at the doggie door. She didn’t want to go outside, so I thought I’d check it out.  She […]

Crime Syndicate Family moves in

Last night, while coming home from Gramma’s house, I saw a few “cats” on the side walk.    As we were turning the corner, our headlights hit their eyes – whoa!  Big Mama Racoon with 3 youngsters.  It was pretty funny – she shoved them all behind her & turned sideways to us, the better to […]

Mocking the Jay bird

Well, Maezi & I were checking out the roses  in the front yard while our Mom was dead-heading them.  (I didn’t know there was such a thing as a rock & roll rose).  Anyway, a big bright Jay swooped right overhead & sat on the rain gutter.  He (I think it might have been Ruder) […]