Happy New Year! What’s new for 2019?

Maezi here…  Happy New Year!

What a wild New Year’s party last night.  Food, board games, international New Years on the hour, every hour!  Still can’t get the streamers out of our hair.

But today was all about the parades, play & posing in pajamas.  It’s just the right note to ring in the New Year!  2019 looks like a promising adventure.

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Here in our house, we like to draw the holidays out as long as humanly & doggedly possible… So on New Year’s Eve, the Christmas card Muttcracker drama played out…

I, Maezi, prevailed!  I ripped that tissue paper to shreds & captured the king.  He squeaks, he rattles, he rolls…

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Merry Muttcracker Christmas!

Maezi here…Life is a fantasy & dogs dream in color, too.

Hope you enjoy our Christmas, with memories of Auggie.

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It’s me, Maezi! Happy 4th of July!

Well, gee whiz, it was only 86 degrees here today – & after a lazy Wednesday morning reading books, trying to steal coffee & trying on my new jewelry, everyone wanted me to go outside to play – but I had other plans. You see, the Chocolate Lab down the hill invited me swimming (at least, that’s what I think he was saying) & I’m going to go! I looked in my vintage costume trunk & dug out my patriotic one-piece bathing suit & my matching sun glasses are just the thing! Got my towel & now I need a big swan-shaped floatie to lounge on in the pool.


I also just need to get someone to carry me to the car, drive me down the hill & introduce me to the human neighbors. Oh, & ask if I can go swimming. Why? Well, the lab & I only ever yell at each other in the evenings & we’ve never actually met.   Auggie would probably know him.  Auggie knew everybody, even when he didn’t.

AND I’m not gonna walk down there, the long way around & too darned hot! Why should I step on those hot bricks?  Because, not for nothing am I a princess!  & besides, flip flops won’t stay on my feet.

There’s just one teensy little thing that might be a problem. I hate the water.

Berries & Scotties & Bangers, oh my!

Dressed Quest – Part 3

Me again!  I had a glorious weekend hanging out with my Mom, just eating & playing with my toys & watching TV, reading a murder mystery with Jane Austen as the victim.  So veddy British.

Any excuse to dress up, eat foofy food & take several naps.



I still wish we had the cucumber sandwiches – we got that weird squishy white bread to make them & I like to make the funny crunchy chewing noise.  Ugh, this has got me whinging now.  On to the feast before me.  Do you know my Dad saw my blog & had the nerve to ask if it is all real food?  Huh!  Like I’d spend the time to make fake food – the whole point is the eating!


Now if I could just get a little closer to all this goodness.  For breakfast I had scones with tangerine marmalade & those are the best organic strawberries I ever tasted.




  I so want to try every little thing.  Interestingly, I don’t even care about the cake.  & the tea – pshaw!  I’d much rather have my coffee with cream.

I never did figure out what those long tubes were.
I was promised toys.

So after a long day of binging on every possible British program on BBC about the royals – you know I really am one, well, we had an afternoon of messing around in the back yard, chasing the mocking birds out of the trees.  They didn’t even really listen to me, which I thought was rude.  For dinner we had traditional “bangers & mash” & I love those peas.  They are so good.  So good I like to ptoooey them out & watch them bounce before I chase ’em around.  Can’t catch me, I’m fast.  But I digress.  Anyway, back to the high in High Tea – I sneaked some –


Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about clotted cream before?!

I love my dairy.  Mom could not get me to stop…  She actually took me off the chair.  She made me change into my, well, my own hair.  I chased some more peas around the floor & it was a long day.

Oh ah, goodnight.  I’m knackered…

Dressed Quest – Part 2

Ok, so, this whole British event – Mom & I thought it would be fun to have a tea party & celebrate the Royal Wedding – picked my dress & now I gotta put away all the shopping – we’re having everything!  Well, except finger sandwiches, because I forgot the cucumbers.  Sigh.  I love cucumbers.

You know, you’d be surprised what you can do with stuff you have laying around the house, thrift store dross & a to-go hot sauce container.

Now I have to make my hat because, well, you
read the invitation!  Mom wants to wear a tiara but that’s not protocol!


This morning we got an early start on the baking – guess which ones I did!

Mom is frantically working on the special desserts.  I really want some of that cake!  She refuses to dress up & says she’s going to watch the wedding in her pajamas.  Harumph.  What a killjoy.  Ooh, I found my favorite cup.  I can smell the tea now.

This is our little tea party! I’ll wrap this up tomorrow after binge-watching 187,000 hours of Royal Wedding coverage.

Something to do…

Dressed Quest – Part 1

Hi everyone, Maezi here.  Well, I decided I need something to do while I’m waiting for my hair to grow out… So, I thought I’d brush up on my British bits. Even though I’m French by birth & Irish by adoption.

I’ve been hearing about

but I didn’t think much about it, until I got a brainstorm to do a whole British blog – but hey! It was already late Thursday night by that point, so I had o think about it while was at work the next day. What? Work.

Yes. I have a job. I am very busy all day long. I try to steal coffee to start the day, but usually I’m foiled, so I don’ get the caffeine buzz I really want. I stash my food in my bed, I bark at the dog next door. I chase the squirrels off the fence. I rearrange the newspapers & pillows on the sofa. I have nap times & …what? No.

No, I don’t have a coffee break. I told you they won’t let me have any. Oh, stop snickering. Anyway, I thought I’d have some fun with the Ruff N Royal Nuptials & hey – I’m just gonna string it out over the entire weekend. I don’t have anything else to do. I get weekends off, you know.

First, some research – what does one wear to a Royal Wedding?

Well, the beautiful engraving says:

Dress Uniform, Morning Coat or Lounge Suit
Day Dress with Hat

So, if Auggie were here, he’d assume he was royal enough to wear a ceremonial uniform – & boy!  He would’ve looked great in it!

But really, it’s proper to wear a Morning Coat.  He would’ve looked great that, too…  And, he’d really have had fun helping me do all the other stuff this weekend.  I wish he were here…

So what do I need?  Oh, Day Dress with Hat.  Ok, so a day dress is dressy, & at least knee length.  Now, it’s also supposed to cover your shoulders – but what if you don’t have shoulders?  And also, it should be pale or bright colors, but not too bright & light fabrics like silk or linen.  And don’t forget the proper accessories!  OK, so some jewels & a hat, or maybe even a fascinator.

So of course I had to go shopping!  A shopping quest!  First of all, ya kinda have to get something new when you go to a wedding.   So I…what?  Sigh.

Of course I’m not really going. I would’ve needed this idea 25 weeks ago. Why?  Because I would have been put in quarantine for 6 months!    Geez.  If I may continue!

Dressed Quest – Part 1


Ok, I think I’m almost ready.  So I…what?  Hat?

Augghhhh!  I forgot my hat!  Ok bye, gotta go make one!




Tests. Trials. Results.  I’ve been tested – at least my patience has!  Really looking forward to getting the E-collar off.  It has been a trial!  Aggravation for us all…  Results at last.

No angiolymphatic invasion.  Sounds pretty alien, but I think it’s Dog Latin for “they got it all”!

So you may see me like this:  

But THIS is how I see myself.



Getting Colder – Now You’re Getting Warmer

What are they looking for – what will they find?

Geez, my throat hurt for a bit & ya know, even my voice was hoarse.  But those pills…wow! I’m kinda feelin’ no pain! I can’t find my Santa toy though, & no one will give me that hard pink bone to chew & I’m pretty sleepy most of the time.  Not that I wasn’t spoiled before, but boy, am I getting lots of extra attention & TLC!

I get to take my E-collar off & lay my neck on this nice cool frosty ice cold pack – ohhhhhh it feels so good!  I’ll let you in on a little secret in case you ever have to go through this – if you use the collar as a nest, NO one is going to make you put it back on too soon.  They’ll all just be whispering about how stinkin’ cute it is that you’re sleeping in it.  Nest!  Ha!  Apparently there is a little bit of avian in my blood line.

Tick tock tick the days trudge by.  I miss my Auggie – he would kiss my tears & come running to my whines.

He would keep me entertained during the waiting.  But I’m also pretty sure he’d be taunting me from the other side of the door, since I can’t fit that stupid E-collar through the doggie door but I have tried!

Tick tick.

Hunh.  So the results say it’s a thyroid carcinoma.  They think they got it all.  I’m gonna go with that.  More tests on the way.

But I’M feeling pretty positive – I take full advantage of my situation.  My parents are wrapped around my little paws…  I have my favorite foods & I nap where I want.  The Santa toy has even miraculously re-appeared.  Excuse me now, I have some recuperating to do – oooooh this warm pack is even better than the ice pack!  I’m going to dream about Auggie.


Surgery – and Other Things

Maezi here – I had a play day and then the next day, my doctor day.  My parents were very tense.  I really didn’t like being at the vet’s & they made me stay in a cage, but mostly they were all really nice to me & then I got very sleepy…

When I woke up, my throat was sore, but I was able to go home the next day.   I whined a little bit.  Or maybe a lot.   & I had this giant new costume to wear – they tell me it’s an “Elizabethan Collar” but it was fairly plain & modern looking, so I suppose, it is really more to the point technically, an “E-collar”.  If I’m going to have to wear one, (for 2 whole weeks!) I want it to be really “Elizabethan” & regal looking!  Where’s the trim, where’s the glitz?!

The ridiculous instructions for home care:
1- keep Maezi’s E-collar on.  Take off only when closely supervised.
2- don’t let Maezi scratch her incision
3- don’t let Maezi lick (any of her parts!)
4- don’t let her play with her toys or RUN anywhere
5- don’t let her go up/down steps or jump on/off the couch
6- crate her for sleeping at night if you think that she might get jostled in bed

Don’t, don’t, don’t!  I showed ’em.  Well, I went IN to the crate.  & I whined & cried & carried on.  I just wanted to be in my rightful place in bed between their feet.  I really wanted some more TLC.  So, while Mom persevered & fell asleep despite my incessant whining, Dad couldn’t take it (ha!) & took me OUT of the crate AND put me up on the bed.  He always was a pushover!  Thereby waking up Mom, (I’ve never heard such language!) & then she got up & put me in a soft harness on a leash around her wrist so I couldn’t fall off the bed.  Then HE promptly fell back asleep.  & SHE had to get up at 3:00 AM to take me outside & give me my pill… for a week – ha ha ha ha ha!

Since I was finally in that warm comfy big ole bed, I knew I’d be soooo much more comfortable naked – so there was only one course of action – I assumed my “Houndini” persona & escaped…

I like variations – sometimes, I can get the entire collar off.  Other times, I just stick my whole front leg through the hole.  It creates sort of an asymmetrical weirdness that still doesn’t get me out of the whole thing, looks really stupid & kinda cramps my style.  Whoops!  Then one night, I even got out of my “side-locked” harness!  Still laughing about that one, ‘cuz they never figured out how I did it.  I will say, that one tired me out.