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Dressed Quest – Part 1

Hi everyone, Maezi here.  Well, I decided I need something to do while I’m waiting for my hair to grow out… So, I thought I’d brush up on my British bits. Even though I’m French by birth & Irish by adoption.

I’ve been hearing about

but I didn’t think much about it, until I got a brainstorm to do a whole British blog – but hey! It was already late Thursday night by that point, so I had o think about it while was at work the next day. What? Work.

Yes. I have a job. I am very busy all day long. I try to steal coffee to start the day, but usually I’m foiled, so I don’ get the caffeine buzz I really want. I stash my food in my bed, I bark at the dog next door. I chase the squirrels off the fence. I rearrange the newspapers & pillows on the sofa. I have nap times & …what? No.

No, I don’t have a coffee break. I told you they won’t let me have any. Oh, stop snickering. Anyway, I thought I’d have some fun with the Ruff N Royal Nuptials & hey – I’m just gonna string it out over the entire weekend. I don’t have anything else to do. I get weekends off, you know.

First, some research – what does one wear to a Royal Wedding?

Well, the beautiful engraving says:

Dress Uniform, Morning Coat or Lounge Suit
Day Dress with Hat

So, if Auggie were here, he’d assume he was royal enough to wear a ceremonial uniform – & boy!  He would’ve looked great in it!

But really, it’s proper to wear a Morning Coat.  He would’ve looked great that, too…  And, he’d really have had fun helping me do all the other stuff this weekend.  I wish he were here…

So what do I need?  Oh, Day Dress with Hat.  Ok, so a day dress is dressy, & at least knee length.  Now, it’s also supposed to cover your shoulders – but what if you don’t have shoulders?  And also, it should be pale or bright colors, but not too bright & light fabrics like silk or linen.  And don’t forget the proper accessories!  OK, so some jewels & a hat, or maybe even a fascinator.

So of course I had to go shopping!  A shopping quest!  First of all, ya kinda have to get something new when you go to a wedding.   So I…what?  Sigh.

Of course I’m not really going. I would’ve needed this idea 25 weeks ago. Why?  Because I would have been put in quarantine for 6 months!    Geez.  If I may continue!

Dressed Quest – Part 1


Ok, I think I’m almost ready.  So I…what?  Hat?

Augghhhh!  I forgot my hat!  Ok bye, gotta go make one!



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