What is beauty, but Spring?

Today is such a gorgeous day
I feel like I could fly away…

There!  Rhyming couplet.  I told you I would!

I, Maezi, had my usual breakfast, tried to steal some coffee but was unsuccessful – I don’t know – it seems like Mom & Dad are on to my plotting.  I pretended that I didn’t care about the coffee & tried to fake them out with my favorite rattle-y Santa toy to get them to chase me – then I ditched it & circled back at full gallop to the table with the unguarded coffee. Darn! just as I was going in for the lick, they got to the cup.

Yesterday we threw a bunch of lemon scones down the hill for those riff-raff possums. & I saw a squirrel carrying away a little bit. The birds got in on the act, too, so everybody wins.  I like to watch the birds watch us while we play in the yard.  Those pesky birds sit on top of my agility jump hurdles sometimes.  I like doing the jumps with my parents – it’s so fun, but every once in a while, I just like to feint & then swerve at the last moment – you should see them try to keep up. Hilarious!

But I know something’s up. Mom & Dad are a little bit tense. I know they’re trying to distract me & pretending everything’s normal, AND, so I’m told, I get some special chicken treats today.  Oh, & Mom promised to peel my apples.  But really, I still know.

I have a thyroid tumor & surgery comes tomorrow. But today we’re spending a happy day kissing & playing.

Tomorrow is another day – I wish that I could fly away.

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