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Hatch this!

Ok, so one of the fun things about Easter, is that we get to go on a hunt…AND our eggs hatched… I just love soft fluffy little things when they come out of their shells… . . . . . But the really mysterious puzzle has been the alien pod & what it was going […]

Who is Rube Goldberg?

And…..what is he doing at my house?  OK, so it’s been raining cats & dogs.  Well, actually, fat, florid, giant, heavy, smattering wet drops.  I haven’t noticed any of the cats, possums, birds, raccoons…anybody, really…  ‘Cuz it’s too darned wet to go outside.  In fact, I refused.  We won’t discuss the ramifications of that, except […]

The Molar of the story is…

I was feeling a little woozy, I gotta say.  I didn’t really know how much that darned tooth hurt until I didn’t have it any more.  Plus, the drugs they give you to go home on are pretty good.  So I spent the afternoon drowsing & dreaming. . . Maezi actually didn’t bug me or […]

The Tooth Fairy

or…how my triple root tooth went bad.  Bad tooth!  Bad!  It all started with the nylabone gnawing I think.  Oh, how I just love a good chew.  Anyway, at some point, apparently, I cracked my front molar.  Not a slab fracture like Shaanti had, but a vertical crack all the way up. My Mom was […]

Mysterious Nature – (Maezi, guest blogger)

Auggie & I went out this evening to check for intruders.  We like to to check the yard, the hill, the sun dial, the pleasant rusty garden ornaments… As we meandered around, I noticed lots of strange little things.  Worms, pill bugs, lady bugs, & ooh, 2 butterflies – a gold Skipper & a Mourning […]

The spiders BEEside us – (Maezi, guest blogger)

Even tho Halloween is over, the horrors just never stop…  all around us, nature continues doing her thing.  I like to charge headlong down the steps of the hill.  It’s just my thing.  I’m not supposed to go down there, but when no one is looking, I like to see what’s up down there. Whoa!  […]

The times, they are a’changin

Who knew that time could magically shift by an hour?  I was up & ready to go outside to do my thing & I was thwarted in my attempt…NO one would get out of bed to take me out – so I nagged & licked & bounced, with the occasional bark.  Maezi didn’t do anything […]

Funny how things happen…

So I was explaining to Maezi about the “wish upon a moon” legend, & well, I was hoping for some new toys & bones…but I’m not sure where we’d put them because right now the house is discombobulated since one of the rooms is being painted & everything is in boxes in the living room […]

Make a Moon Wish

If you get up early enough in the morning, you can sometimes catch the Moon.  This ancient ritual harkens back to our ancestors, the wolves, who chased & howled at the moon.  Now we scowl & growl at the moon, too.  But if you get up early & sneak a peak upwards, when the Moon […]

Beat the heat – Tip #2 – Ambushed?

So – I’m minding my own business, out in the grass this morning, planning to do some ‘business’ when I’m ambushed by a wiley invisible adversary.  I never know when it will strike, but it is very stealthy.  It gets me at least once a week.  I have no idea why it picks on me… […]