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Happy New Year! What’s new for 2019?

Maezi here…  Happy New Year! What a wild New Year’s party last night.  Food, board games, international New Years on the hour, every hour!  Still can’t get the streamers out of our hair. But today was all about the parades, play & posing in pajamas.  It’s just the right note to ring in the New […]


Here in our house, we like to draw the holidays out as long as humanly & doggedly possible… So on New Year’s Eve, the Christmas card Muttcracker drama played out… I, Maezi, prevailed!  I ripped that tissue paper to shreds & captured the king.  He squeaks, he rattles, he rolls… All content © 2018 Two […]

Merry Muttcracker Christmas!

Maezi here…Life is a fantasy & dogs dream in color, too. Hope you enjoy our Christmas, with memories of Auggie. All content © 2018 Two Little Dogs  

Take one for the team – take a nap, that is.

The days in the fall are so lazy The sky can be clear blue or hazy …..We squeeze in our nap time …..And plan for some lap time Sleeping Beauty – thy name is Maezi. . . . . . . We love the fall here…the beautiful colors, the cacophony of the adolescent birds trying […]

Dog Days of Summer

The insects chirp, the birds twirp & tweet flitting in the sky, the fan whirs in oscillation.  The Refrigerator hums & the local riffraff starts the Bark Fest down the hill. . . . Ah, the sounds of summer.  I was hanging out on the patio, when I was startled by a really BIG bee.  […]

Curiouser & Curiouser

What’s that?!  Oh, my heart!  How it quickens And pounds up and down like the dickens …..That mesh is so queer …..But why should I fear? It’s only a wire for the chickens… . . . . . . . . . . ..Maezi Guest Blogs Auggie finds himself in “Limerick Limbo” this week.  He […]

Mocking the Jay bird

Well, Maezi & I were checking out the roses  in the front yard while our Mom was dead-heading them.  (I didn’t know there was such a thing as a rock & roll rose).  Anyway, a big bright Jay swooped right overhead & sat on the rain gutter.  He (I think it might have been Ruder) […]

Remembrance of things past

The nest has sat empty, abandoned & has been taken over by spiders… You can see that the fine grasses were pulled apart so you can see thru the nest layer to the more rustic twigs below. But earlier today, a juvenile Jay came by – checked out the rose bower – & hung around […]

Maezi takes exception to…

We were hanging out in the living room & Maezi heard it before I did – she’s got really good ears.  Have you ever seen her ears?!  She saw a  Jay fly into the nest, but she barked & ran out the dog door to the Predator Preserve, got under the nest & started barking […]


There is a hole in my heart where 3 little birds should be.  I never heard or saw anything going on in particular.  Everything seemed perfect.  The usual suspects were hanging around the yard.  Jayne, Jayson, Ruder, the occasional Mocking bird, Sparrow, Humming bird – but no noise, nothing. We woke up in the morning […]