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Hatch this!

Ok, so one of the fun things about Easter, is that we get to go on a hunt…AND our eggs hatched… I just love soft fluffy little things when they come out of their shells… . . . . . But the really mysterious puzzle has been the alien pod & what it was going […]

Take one for the team – take a nap, that is.

The days in the fall are so lazy The sky can be clear blue or hazy …..We squeeze in our nap time …..And plan for some lap time Sleeping Beauty – thy name is Maezi. . . . . . . We love the fall here…the beautiful colors, the cacophony of the adolescent birds trying […]

Dog Days of Summer

The insects chirp, the birds twirp & tweet flitting in the sky, the fan whirs in oscillation.  The Refrigerator hums & the local riffraff starts the Bark Fest down the hill. . . . Ah, the sounds of summer.  I was hanging out on the patio, when I was startled by a really BIG bee.  […]

Mocking the Jay bird

Well, Maezi & I were checking out the roses  in the front yard while our Mom was dead-heading them.  (I didn’t know there was such a thing as a rock & roll rose).  Anyway, a big bright Jay swooped right overhead & sat on the rain gutter.  He (I think it might have been Ruder) […]

That’s so

Raven.  Ravenous.  Ewwww!  Now I know where the word ravenous comes from & really illustrates the bird… I just saw a huge raven pluck some small bird out of the air & land on the lawn & eat it!   It was huge & scary!  Its body was as long as mine -I didn’t even have […]

Dinosaurs in the back yard

Extinct!  Ha!  There are dinosaurs everywhere …scientific conundrums – they exist in feathered finery, all colors, shapes & sizes… These are 2 of my faves – Oriole & Scrub Jay.  They come every day & hang out.  Twirping or singing, they have a great time.  Sometimes, the Jays will play keep away. . . . […]