Dressed Quest – Part 2

Ok, so, this whole British event – Mom & I thought it would be fun to have a tea party & celebrate the Royal Wedding – picked my dress & now I gotta put away all the shopping – we’re having everything!  Well, except finger sandwiches, because I forgot the cucumbers.  Sigh.  I love cucumbers.

You know, you’d be surprised what you can do with stuff you have laying around the house, thrift store dross & a to-go hot sauce container.

Now I have to make my hat because, well, you
read the invitation!  Mom wants to wear a tiara but that’s not protocol!


This morning we got an early start on the baking – guess which ones I did!

Mom is frantically working on the special desserts.  I really want some of that cake!  She refuses to dress up & says she’s going to watch the wedding in her pajamas.  Harumph.  What a killjoy.  Ooh, I found my favorite cup.  I can smell the tea now.

This is our little tea party! I’ll wrap this up tomorrow after binge-watching 187,000 hours of Royal Wedding coverage.

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