Getting Colder – Now You’re Getting Warmer

What are they looking for – what will they find?

Geez, my throat hurt for a bit & ya know, even my voice was hoarse.  But those pills…wow! I’m kinda feelin’ no pain! I can’t find my Santa toy though, & no one will give me that hard pink bone to chew & I’m pretty sleepy most of the time.  Not that I wasn’t spoiled before, but boy, am I getting lots of extra attention & TLC!

I get to take my E-collar off & lay my neck on this nice cool frosty ice cold pack – ohhhhhh it feels so good!  I’ll let you in on a little secret in case you ever have to go through this – if you use the collar as a nest, NO one is going to make you put it back on too soon.  They’ll all just be whispering about how stinkin’ cute it is that you’re sleeping in it.  Nest!  Ha!  Apparently there is a little bit of avian in my blood line.

Tick tock tick the days trudge by.  I miss my Auggie – he would kiss my tears & come running to my whines.

He would keep me entertained during the waiting.  But I’m also pretty sure he’d be taunting me from the other side of the door, since I can’t fit that stupid E-collar through the doggie door but I have tried!

Tick tick.

Hunh.  So the results say it’s a thyroid carcinoma.  They think they got it all.  I’m gonna go with that.  More tests on the way.

But I’M feeling pretty positive – I take full advantage of my situation.  My parents are wrapped around my little paws…  I have my favorite foods & I nap where I want.  The Santa toy has even miraculously re-appeared.  Excuse me now, I have some recuperating to do – oooooh this warm pack is even better than the ice pack!  I’m going to dream about Auggie.


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