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Happy New Year! What’s new for 2019?

Maezi here…  Happy New Year! What a wild New Year’s party last night.  Food, board games, international New Years on the hour, every hour!  Still can’t get the streamers out of our hair. But today was all about the parades, play & posing in pajamas.  It’s just the right note to ring in the New […]


Here in our house, we like to draw the holidays out as long as humanly & doggedly possible… So on New Year’s Eve, the Christmas card Muttcracker drama played out… I, Maezi, prevailed!  I ripped that tissue paper to shreds & captured the king.  He squeaks, he rattles, he rolls… All content © 2018 Two […]

Merry Muttcracker Christmas!

Maezi here…Life is a fantasy & dogs dream in color, too. Hope you enjoy our Christmas, with memories of Auggie. All content © 2018 Two Little Dogs  

Birthdays & other musings

Twenty one years ago today…my brother, Shaanti, was born.  I never knew him, because he was gone before I came to our house.  But, I’m told was lovely snuggly & sweet – The first “together child” in the family.  He liked lounging on chests & inventing his own games. . . . . . . […]

Mmmm…Santa was a good boy

Well, Maezi & I worked very hard on our photo shoot with Santa, & he let us have some of the props.

St. Nick is Surprised

Christmas Card Craziness. Part 1

I haven’t been able to write, because, well, there is a lot of activity here, & we have to supervise it.  We have to look in every bag, box & parcel that comes our way. We found this interesting package just the other day. Well?  What is it going to be?   This blown out photo […]