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What is beauty, but Spring?

Today is such a gorgeous day I feel like I could fly away… There!  Rhyming couplet.  I told you I would! I, Maezi, had my usual breakfast, tried to steal some coffee but was unsuccessful – I don’t know – it seems like Mom & Dad are on to my plotting.  I pretended that I […]

Observing the rituals of Mother’s Day

Maezi & I are very mindful of the rituals in our lives…we have things we do every morning – if we don’t do it, it feels like we’re missing something.  But occasionally, we like to mix it up, so yesterday, we let Mom sleep in – until 7:01 am.  & today – till 7:23 am.  […]

Ah, November

It really is one of my favorite months.  The wind ruffles my hair, birds sing really loud in the morning & I can enjoy the tang of possum in the air.  They have a distinctive fragrance you know.  Maezi & I go out in the morning to look for clues.  We always find the clues […]

Mysterious Nature – (Maezi, guest blogger)

Auggie & I went out this evening to check for intruders.  We like to to check the yard, the hill, the sun dial, the pleasant rusty garden ornaments… As we meandered around, I noticed lots of strange little things.  Worms, pill bugs, lady bugs, & ooh, 2 butterflies – a gold Skipper & a Mourning […]

Oh, Possum!

Maezi couldn’t get over the possum visit.  She talked of nothing else for days – it was beginning to get on my nerves & MAEZI INTERRUPTS… Well, it freaked me out! But you never even came outside to see him. I didn’t have to come outside – there was a monster on the other side […]

Dangers in the night

Late one night, Maezi & I were chewing on some bones & all of the sudden she popped up, ran to the doggie door in the garage & started barking her head off. She just kept barking at the doggie door. She didn’t want to go outside, so I thought I’d check it out.  She […]