Berries & Scotties & Bangers, oh my!

Dressed Quest – Part 3

Me again!  I had a glorious weekend hanging out with my Mom, just eating & playing with my toys & watching TV, reading a murder mystery with Jane Austen as the victim.  So veddy British.

Any excuse to dress up, eat foofy food & take several naps.



I still wish we had the cucumber sandwiches – we got that weird squishy white bread to make them & I like to make the funny crunchy chewing noise.  Ugh, this has got me whinging now.  On to the feast before me.  Do you know my Dad saw my blog & had the nerve to ask if it is all real food?  Huh!  Like I’d spend the time to make fake food – the whole point is the eating!


Now if I could just get a little closer to all this goodness.  For breakfast I had scones with tangerine marmalade & those are the best organic strawberries I ever tasted.




  I so want to try every little thing.  Interestingly, I don’t even care about the cake.  & the tea – pshaw!  I’d much rather have my coffee with cream.

I never did figure out what those long tubes were.
I was promised toys.

So after a long day of binging on every possible British program on BBC about the royals – you know I really am one, well, we had an afternoon of messing around in the back yard, chasing the mocking birds out of the trees.  They didn’t even really listen to me, which I thought was rude.  For dinner we had traditional “bangers & mash” & I love those peas.  They are so good.  So good I like to ptoooey them out & watch them bounce before I chase ’em around.  Can’t catch me, I’m fast.  But I digress.  Anyway, back to the high in High Tea – I sneaked some –


Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about clotted cream before?!

I love my dairy.  Mom could not get me to stop…  She actually took me off the chair.  She made me change into my, well, my own hair.  I chased some more peas around the floor & it was a long day.

Oh ah, goodnight.  I’m knackered…

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