It’s me, Maezi! Happy 4th of July!

Well, gee whiz, it was only 86 degrees here today – & after a lazy Wednesday morning reading books, trying to steal coffee & trying on my new jewelry, everyone wanted me to go outside to play – but I had other plans. You see, the Chocolate Lab down the hill invited me swimming (at least, that’s what I think he was saying) & I’m going to go! I looked in my vintage costume trunk & dug out my patriotic one-piece bathing suit & my matching sun glasses are just the thing! Got my towel & now I need a big swan-shaped floatie to lounge on in the pool.


I also just need to get someone to carry me to the car, drive me down the hill & introduce me to the human neighbors. Oh, & ask if I can go swimming. Why? Well, the lab & I only ever yell at each other in the evenings & we’ve never actually met.   Auggie would probably know him.  Auggie knew everybody, even when he didn’t.

AND I’m not gonna walk down there, the long way around & too darned hot! Why should I step on those hot bricks?  Because, not for nothing am I a princess!  & besides, flip flops won’t stay on my feet.

There’s just one teensy little thing that might be a problem. I hate the water.

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