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15 minutes

If I could write code, it would have been ingeniously brilliant…because  I would have worked it out to cause a cascade of dog toys to be delivered to every household with a dog – or a cat.  It would just annoy a cat to receive a dog toy… What’s up, now with hacking the tweeting? […]

Happy Cousins & the Laughing Jackal

So last night, we were hanging out with Mom, watching “Dogs 101” about very rare breeds.  I liked the New Guinea Singing Dog, & Maezi liked the Thai Ridgeback – until she didn’t – then she started talking back to it.  She didn’t think they were friendly enough, except for Magic, the one that surfed. […]

Dog Days of Summer

The insects chirp, the birds twirp & tweet flitting in the sky, the fan whirs in oscillation.  The Refrigerator hums & the local riffraff starts the Bark Fest down the hill. . . . Ah, the sounds of summer.  I was hanging out on the patio, when I was startled by a really BIG bee.  […]

Curiouser & Curiouser

What’s that?!  Oh, my heart!  How it quickens And pounds up and down like the dickens …..That mesh is so queer …..But why should I fear? It’s only a wire for the chickens… . . . . . . . . . . ..Maezi Guest Blogs Auggie finds himself in “Limerick Limbo” this week.  He […]

Oh, Possum!

Maezi couldn’t get over the possum visit.  She talked of nothing else for days – it was beginning to get on my nerves & MAEZI INTERRUPTS… Well, it freaked me out! But you never even came outside to see him. I didn’t have to come outside – there was a monster on the other side […]

A lap dog

A streetwise Siberian Husky Was mangy and flea bit and musky …..One grey eye, one blue …..She was rescued on cue Now she’s sleek cream and brown, almost dusky. . Harmony was emaciated, dirty & hungry for affection.  By the looks of her, she’d been living on the streets for several weeks.  A kind hearted […]

Hey Daddy-O

We have a great musical Dad Who’s funny and crazy, egad! …..His humor is wry …..But don’t ask us why… He’s our Dad and we’re glad he’s so rad! . . . Hey all you Daddy-Os… keep up the belly scratching. Ours, not yours! Love & kisses & lots of tennis balls, Auggie & Maezi

Not entirely satisfied (another true conversation)

Another True Conversation between Auggie & Maezi (as overheard by Jaci) MAEZI – You know, I was not entirely satisfied with my limerick.  What do you mean I’m bratty?!  I will pull your hair for saying so. AUGGIE – Ah.  You prove my point. Really?  Do you know how annoying you are? I’m adorable. You’re […]

Happy Papi…or not

My sister’s a dog, but so catty Lack of poems may make her more bratty …..She gets yappy on …..Days I rhyme Papillon And she drives me a little bit batty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Next week’s limerick breed: Siberian Husky

A True Conversation

A True Conversation between Auggie & Maezi (as overheard by Jaci) MAEZI – So, what’s the deal?  How come you write limericks about everybody else & not Papillons?  I mean, really, we’re very cool, smart, funny.  & I’m here, in your face, every day…what’s up with that? AUGGIE – Well, it just hasn’t come up […]