Oh, Possum!

Maezi couldn’t get over the possum visit.  She talked of nothing else for days – it was beginning to get on my nerves &


Well, it freaked me out!

But you never even came outside to see him.

I didn’t have to come outside – there was a monster on the other side of the doggie door.
I could smell it.
It smelled like troll…
I’m writing a poem about it.
n epic saga about discovery, finding the courage to fight the forces of evil.

No kidding.

I’m having trouble with the last line.

Well, maybe just writing it will get it out of your system.
Geez, stop quivering.

You said it was huge!

I was kidding!
He was just a baby.
Maybe 7 inches, tip of the nose to tip of the tail.

But I could smell it…

Yeah, a little gamey.
He was really
kinda cute, though.
A little shy.
But if you had ever quit barking, he might’ve hung around to play.
I think he winked at me.

Well the last one I saw wasn’t cute or shy – it hissed at me.
AND it was HUGE!
Probably 29 inches note tip to tail tip.
And I’m sure it weighed more than the two of us put together.

Ok, I get the hissing – kinda scary.
The big one really got to you.
This little guy was sweet – ya gotta let it go…

A monster in our midst.
What evil was afoot?
What intention…

He was just a tiny hungry tourist.


He was just a

Oooh, I just got the last line.
Wanna hear it?

Only if we can stop talking about it.


Oh, Possum of night, you have scared me
That you had the brio and cared, see
…..To sneak in our yard
…..Though we caught you off guard,
You became the tourist you dared be.




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