A True Conversation

A True Conversation between Auggie & Maezi
(as overheard by Jaci)

MAEZI – So, what’s the deal?  How come you write limericks about everybody else & not Papillons?  I mean, really, we’re very cool, smart, funny.  & I’m here, in your face, every day…what’s up with that?

AUGGIE – Well, it just hasn’t come up yet.

Are you kidding me?  How can it NOT come up?  You see me every day.  I steal your toys every day – we take a nap together – every day.

Yeah, but have you tried writing limericks?  Gotta be inspired.

I’ll inspire you.  I’ll yank your hair out.

You already do that.

I want a limerick!

Look, it’s on my *** I want a limerick, I want a limerick!!!!

Man, you are a yappy Pap.   Hey!  I like that – yappy Pappy…  I think I’ve become inspired.

Hey!  I will yank your hair – & you’ll never see your fluffy chicken again!  & I’ll shove you out of the way for treats.

You already do.

My limerick better be really good or you will *** YOU will just have to wait for Thursday…

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