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Mysterious Nature – (Maezi, guest blogger)

Auggie & I went out this evening to check for intruders.  We like to to check the yard, the hill, the sun dial, the pleasant rusty garden ornaments… As we meandered around, I noticed lots of strange little things.  Worms, pill bugs, lady bugs, & ooh, 2 butterflies – a gold Skipper & a Mourning […]

What I did on my Halloween vacation

Well, I barked a lot.  There were mail men & gardeners &  the odd real estate agent…really scary.  They skulk around the neighborhood & they knock on my door – sometimes reverse “trick or treat” & leave things instead of taking…  Why?  Who knows? & even dogs sometimes come to the yard & leave things […]

Take one for the team – take a nap, that is.

The days in the fall are so lazy The sky can be clear blue or hazy …..We squeeze in our nap time …..And plan for some lap time Sleeping Beauty – thy name is Maezi. . . . . . . We love the fall here…the beautiful colors, the cacophony of the adolescent birds trying […]

15 minutes

If I could write code, it would have been ingeniously brilliant…because  I would have worked it out to cause a cascade of dog toys to be delivered to every household with a dog – or a cat.  It would just annoy a cat to receive a dog toy… What’s up, now with hacking the tweeting? […]

Happy Cousins & the Laughing Jackal

So last night, we were hanging out with Mom, watching “Dogs 101” about very rare breeds.  I liked the New Guinea Singing Dog, & Maezi liked the Thai Ridgeback – until she didn’t – then she started talking back to it.  She didn’t think they were friendly enough, except for Magic, the one that surfed. […]

Dog Days of Summer

The insects chirp, the birds twirp & tweet flitting in the sky, the fan whirs in oscillation.  The Refrigerator hums & the local riffraff starts the Bark Fest down the hill. . . . Ah, the sounds of summer.  I was hanging out on the patio, when I was startled by a really BIG bee.  […]

Curiouser & Curiouser

What’s that?!  Oh, my heart!  How it quickens And pounds up and down like the dickens …..That mesh is so queer …..But why should I fear? It’s only a wire for the chickens… . . . . . . . . . . ..Maezi Guest Blogs Auggie finds himself in “Limerick Limbo” this week.  He […]

Oh, Possum!

Maezi couldn’t get over the possum visit.  She talked of nothing else for days – it was beginning to get on my nerves & MAEZI INTERRUPTS… Well, it freaked me out! But you never even came outside to see him. I didn’t have to come outside – there was a monster on the other side […]

A lap dog

A streetwise Siberian Husky Was mangy and flea bit and musky …..One grey eye, one blue …..She was rescued on cue Now she’s sleek cream and brown, almost dusky. . Harmony was emaciated, dirty & hungry for affection.  By the looks of her, she’d been living on the streets for several weeks.  A kind hearted […]

Hey Daddy-O

We have a great musical Dad Who’s funny and crazy, egad! …..His humor is wry …..But don’t ask us why… He’s our Dad and we’re glad he’s so rad! . . . Hey all you Daddy-Os… keep up the belly scratching. Ours, not yours! Love & kisses & lots of tennis balls, Auggie & Maezi