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What I did on my Halloween vacation

Well, I barked a lot.  There were mail men & gardeners &  the odd real estate agent…really scary.  They skulk around the neighborhood & they knock on my door – sometimes reverse “trick or treat” & leave things instead of taking…  Why?  Who knows? & even dogs sometimes come to the yard & leave things […]

Funny how things happen…

So I was explaining to Maezi about the “wish upon a moon” legend, & well, I was hoping for some new toys & bones…but I’m not sure where we’d put them because right now the house is discombobulated since one of the rooms is being painted & everything is in boxes in the living room […]

Make a Moon Wish

If you get up early enough in the morning, you can sometimes catch the Moon.  This ancient ritual harkens back to our ancestors, the wolves, who chased & howled at the moon.  Now we scowl & growl at the moon, too.  But if you get up early & sneak a peak upwards, when the Moon […]