Dangers in the night

Late one night, Maezi & I were chewing on some bones & all of the sudden she popped up, ran to the doggie door in the garage & started barking her head off.

She just kept barking at the doggie door.

She didn’t want to go outside, so I thought I’d check it out.  She was still barking “intruder alert!” very loudly…from inside the garage.

This is what I found – it was HUGE!  (at least 4 inches nose to butt)  Huge, I tell ya!  (Well, actually, it was smaller than the rat that tried to sneak in the dog door a few years ago)  But it just look at those beady eyes.   I could tell it was a menace.  I wanted her to come out & help me take care of it.


Really?  A menace?  You were nose to nose with it, wagging your tail.

Well, ok, so I was trying to say “What are you doing in my Preserve?”.

You were wagging your tail!

Well YOU were still in the garage – IN THE GARAGE – barking your head off, so how would you even know I was trying to make friends?

Yeah, see, making friends – with a crazed intruder.  You could’ve been hurt.

How could I have been hurt?  His foot was caught in the wire.  I was just trying to help.  And besides, if you were so worried about me, how come you stayed in the garage?


Anyway, he was actually a pretty nice little guy.


He was just looking for some dog food, wondered if we had any extra.  We didn’t, so I gave him directions to the house next door where they leave cat food out on the patio.  He was pretty happy with that info, once he sauntered off.


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