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… would have been Auggie’s 15th birthday. Let me re-introduce myself.  I’m Maezi, Auggie’s sister.  You may remember me from such famous posts as “Isn’t She Lovely?”, August, 2011 & many more.   Augster always enjoyed doing the limerick thing, blogging,  running around the agility jumps, exploring the yard, giving kisses.  He was my playmate, […]

Sky gazing

This autumn’s sweet briskly cold air, Makes me wish for a sweater to wear …..While I gaze at the sky …..As the clouds race on by And the wind wildly ruffles my hair. . . . . . . . . .

The times, they are a’changin

Who knew that time could magically shift by an hour?  I was up & ready to go outside to do my thing & I was thwarted in my attempt…NO one would get out of bed to take me out – so I nagged & licked & bounced, with the occasional bark.  Maezi didn’t do anything […]