The Tooth Fairy

or…how my triple root tooth went bad.  Bad tooth!  Bad!  It all started with the nylabone gnawing I think.  Oh, how I just love a good chew.  Anyway, at some point, apparently, I cracked my front molar.  Not a slab fracture like Shaanti had, but a vertical crack all the way up.

My Mom was looking at my teeth & checking out my gums & saw that it was inflamed, & yes, infected.  But I never said a word.  I will say that Boy!  Those antibiotics are wonderful, though.  I’m actually much peppier now.

Alas, tomorrow I have to have my tooth pulled.  I wonder if they will give it to us.  We have lots of my baby teeth in the table with the fossils.  Yes, I’m a paleontological wonder.  Mine are the 5 between the ammonites.  Maezi’s are in the lower right corner – couldn’t catch her before she ate a few.

Ok, what’s up with that?  Why would she eat her own teeth?  Eew!  Pretty crunchy I’ll bet.  And she is ALWAYS chewing on those things.

Well, I expect to put my souvenier under a pillow – not my pillow, necessarily, but since I like to wedge myself between the wall & the big bed pillows, I think I stick it there & see what the Tooth Fairy will bring.  If I stick it under my pillow, Maezi will just eat it.

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