The spiders BEEside us – (Maezi, guest blogger)

Even tho Halloween is over, the horrors just never stop…  all around us, nature continues doing her thing.  I like to charge headlong down the steps of the hill.  It’s just my thing.  I’m not supposed to go down there, but when no one is looking, I like to see what’s up down there.

Whoa!  this morning, I wasn’t really paying attention, & I was sniffing a step at a time – luckily I heard a yell & came back up, because an almost invisible danger lurked in the opening.

It was really an engineering marvel.  The web went across back & forth, all the way from side to side & top to bottom.  It was just like out of Harry Potter, I mean Hairy Pawter, with the giant spiders…(shudder).

& then I saw it…how close I was to bee-coming just another beautiful “butterfly” ensnared by evil.

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