Observing the rituals of Mother’s Day

Maezi & I are very mindful of the rituals in our lives…we have things we do every morning – if we don’t do it, it feels like we’re missing something.  But occasionally, we like to mix it up, so yesterday, we let Mom sleep in – until 7:01 am.  & today – till 7:23 am.  Which, really, was long enough, because we eat breakfast at 7:00 am.  Sharp.

We didn’t want her to miss our usual morning project of checking the yard for possums, searching for lizards under the ivy & looking at the alien pod to see if it has hatched yet.  Also, we need to peer down the hill into the neighbor’s yard & see if the labs down there have gotten into any mischief.

Plus, she needed to turn on the coffee pot & go out & fetch the newspaper.  It’s tradition.  Then, she settles in to have a cuppa & read.  Only then, can we start our circus act, where we wait till she’s completely engrossed in a story, & not paying any attention to us, so in tandem, we burst thrjough the pages of the paper & land in her lap.  Mayhem & general hilarity ensue.  It’s our little Mother’s Day gift to her every morning.   It’s a tradition.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

Auggie & Maezi

(Tomorrow, see what hatched on Mother’s Day)

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