Mocking the Jay bird

Well, Maezi & I were checking out the roses  in the front yard while our Mom was dead-heading them.  (I didn’t know there was such a thing as a rock & roll rose).  Anyway, a big bright Jay swooped right overhead & sat on the rain gutter.  He (I think it might have been Ruder) was watching the yellow bush very intently & listening – for – what?  (Last year, there were some baby mocking birds one rose bush over).

Anyway, we occasionally hear some bird chatter there, but it doesn’t sound the same as last year when we knew the babies were there, but a few moments later, a very large & noisy Mockingbird dive bombed the Jay & chased him away from the gutter.   There is always a drama with the Dinosaurs in the Yard.

And what’s a dog to do when he’s gotta write some limericks?  All that screeching, chirping & squawking is distracting me… I’ve got to get rhyming.

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