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Walking on eggshells

I can hardly stand to look – after the fight, I can’t bear to think of what state the eggs might be in – but Jayne comes & broods & acts like they’re ok.  . . . . . It’ s the afternoon, just a few hours after the melee & the way she had […]

Just when you think everything is perfect…

Jayson has been scarce today, but finally visits the nest – but no bugs – what’s up with that!?  Peck, peck a little back & forth peck – doesn’t look particularly friendly.  What?  Are they fighting?  Do they need some friendly counseling in these stressful last few days of waiting?  Jayne gives him the brush […]

Nest warming presents

Sitting, more sitting, days of sitting.  Many bugs, More sitting. & what do you give to Jays as a nest-warming “welcome baby” present?  Worms?  I don’t see worms all that often – only earthworms, only after a rain, & then I like to rub my chest on the ground so the worms stick to my […]

Those birds are really twerps

More accurately, their conversations consist of “twiiiiiirp”. Yep, that’s what they sound like to me.  I’m sure I sound like “arf, arf, arf” to them.  At least I try to vary my dialog with “ruffs” & “barks”, the occasional “grrr”, even a few “woofs” thrown in for good measure – of course that’s just when […]

Rain Rain, Go Away

So, now the Jays are getting serious.  Seriously brooding that is – sitting, sitting, sitting, turn the eggs!  Sit, sit, sitiiiiing.  Snuggle down… It’s a little cold.  A little windy.  The nest sways to & fro in the rose bower. Settled in – hunkered down, patiently waiting.  I’ve never seen Jayne so beautiful as this…Adorned […]

Predator Patrol

Maezi has appointed herself the guardian of the nest.  She patrols the back yard & the interior of the Predator Preserve several times daily.  She barks at the mocking birds that stop on patio&  she shoos off  the occasional neighbor cat who ventures into the yard.  For their part, the Jay birds spend their time […]

One hour later…

Back to 3 eggs!!! Wow, that’s what I call efficient!  How the heck does she just pop one out?  I mean, really, one on “stand by”?

What do you do with a broken heart?

Jayson’s back.  Or is it Jayne?  Sits on nest for a only a moment, then gets up & starts moving the eggs around.  What do you do with a broken egg?  Then EEWWWWWWWW!    Eating – eating something black, stretching a stringy black thing, pulling it out of the nest.  Eating, eating, ECK!  That is not […]

Crick Crack

One of the eggs is cracked in half…are those tiny feathers?  It’s way too early for hatching & it just looks wrong.  Does the brown spot mean incubation or is something wrong?  Will they all break?  Isn’t it supposed to take 16-18 days to hatch?  What does it all mean?!!

We’re okay, they’re okay

There once was a nesting blue Jay That sat in the flowers all day …..We went in our pen …..We watched and so then The Jay thought that we were okay.