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céad míle fáilte

There once searched a young dog in green ‘Midst the flowers betwixt and between. …..Though tales he’d been told, …..Of a pot full of gold, He discovered a wild Irish Queen. A hundred thousand welcomes from your 100% bone-a-fide Irish bard – consorting with druids, in touch with the leprechauns & full of the blarney: […]

Today is my birthday!

Eight blissful, furry years… Ya know, when people say, “It’s a dog’s life”, they are just jealous.  Because, let me tell ya.  Today, on my 8th birthday, I got to sleep in late, had a little breakfast, played some games, chased Maezi, & then had a nap. Then, I played some games, had a mani-pedi, […]

St. Nick is Surprised

Giving Thanks

It requires a gentle nudge sometimes, but it’s always the right time to show appreciation… So after the big feast the the running & playing & family time, once you settle in, be sure to snuggle next to one you love & say…”thanks”. Thanksgiving we eat lots of turkey, And prance around happy and perky. […]