Today is my birthday!

Eight blissful, furry years…

Ya know, when people say, “It’s a dog’s life”, they are just jealous.  Because, let me tell ya.  Today, on my 8th birthday, I got to sleep in late, had a little breakfast, played some games, chased Maezi, & then had a nap.

Then, I played some games, had a mani-pedi, had some treats & then took a nap.

I like to lounge on the big bed & Maezi obliges me by messing up all their covers when they aren’t looking.  Doesn’t matter how many times they make the bed…she UNmakes it.  Just like we like it.  Ah nesting.  It’s the best.

I love getting presents. What a cute birthday hat.

So then, we went outside, chased some butterflies, checked out the yard & then decided we’d play on the big bed.  Cuz, you can drop stuff off the edge & make a game of trying to get it back up there.  We like to keep busy between naps.




Maezi is always getting between me & my toys – she thinks it’s funny.  And she was making fun of me because I didn’t get a birthday hat & she did.



Well, it doesn’t matter, I like my new toy anyway…

Happy end to a happy day.


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