Crime Syndicate Family moves in

Last night, while coming home from Gramma’s house, I saw a few “cats” on the side walk.    As we were turning the corner, our headlights hit their eyes – whoa!  Big Mama Racoon with 3 youngsters.  It was pretty funny – she shoved them all behind her & turned sideways to us, the better to hide them, all the while keeping an eye on us.

When we didn’t move the car, she started to herd them back up the drive way towards the trash cans, keeping herself between us & them.  We switched off the headlights & man, they ran lickety split – they can really move!   We flipped on the headlights again & we caught a glimpse of them climbing into their hideout – the next door hedge – & there was one more waiting for them.

It’s nice to have some new blood in the neighborhood – but I’m glad that our Predator Preserve keeps them out of our doggie door & they can’t raid our food bowls.  We had a rat sneak in a few years back – & an opossum – but that’s another story.

If I had opposable thumbs, I could’ve gotten the camera out quicker, but since I was busy pointing them out to my driver, I missed ’em when the camera fell between the seats.  Oh well, next time.

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