Look up in the sky – it’s a

bird, it’s a bird, it’s a super bird!   Birds Birds Birds!!!   Why not Dogs Dogs Dogs?  Really!?  What is up with that?

Look at me, people!  It’s me, Maezi.  I’m incredibly cute – so – I don’t lay eggs – big deal.  Don’t get me wrong – loooove the birds.  Love the eggs.  Really, I do.  I patrol the Predator Preserve, I check the yard, I look out for hawks & I listen to all that “twiiirping”.  And the whole bird fight thing – weird, heart pumping – in a bad way. I’m really glad they’re all ok.

But gee whiz, can’t a girl get some attention?   I’m feeling a little neglected.  I’ve gone through I don’t know how many bones, just waiting for Auggie to have some play time.

It’s “Oh, how beautiful the eggs are”, “Oooooh, what are we going to name them?”  Well I have some suggestions!  How about giving me a plush toy bird so I can make it sing?

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