Ode to a “little Soul”

Grieving hearts break when a beloved passes on, & mend when celebrating the special life.  My Mom’s dear friend, Ljuba,  in Genoa, Italy, is a musician…& her cat, Duška, was, too.

Ljuba says, “Duška means “ little Soul” in Russian.  She was an extraordinary creature, with a really dog-like devotion to me; she was following me everywhere like  my shadow…a guardian angel.”

“ Little Soul”  Duška lived 19 years & 8 months in a house full of love & music.  I’m glad I got to hear about her, because really, there was much happiness & isn’t that was we all strive for in our lives?   A pleasant companion to share our love & toys with?  Here, we have  music, love & each other, so we send you a fond goodbye & blow a kiss to you, Duška.

Your pals,
Auggie & Maezi

Farewell, little Soul

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