Auggie – A Love Story


Valentine’s Day 2012

Augustine Francis Charles McGillicuddy

March 5, 2003 – January 21, 2018

Here’s what you need to know about Auggie:

He kissed us awake in the morning.  He kissed us to sleep at night.

This is Jaci, Auggie’s Mom.  He was, without doubt, the sweetest, most loving little dog ever.  Gregg & I are bereft.  Maezi is a bit lost & sad.  The house just isn’t the same – coming home & not hearing his “happy sass bark” – how can the perpetrator of that noisy funny greeting be gone?

Auggie was curious, friendly, funny, sassy, bright & not really afraid of anyone or anything.  So trusting & glad to meet someone new, no matter the species.  Always happy to meet a new critter in the yard, always wanted to know what was going on with us & he loved Maezi, even though he was a little bit possessive about some of his toys – but really, only because everyone else tried to steal them!

But then, he & Maezi often shared their toys, if only for a little while… the better to distract & then make off with the favorite.  Call it a “fair” trade.  And yet, they  were inseparable.  When he trotted down the hall, she had to be right with him, sides touching, rather like an 8-legged race – pacing matched step for step.  When they had down time, they snuggled & often napped together.  Out in the yard they zoomed around chasing one another with glee.

Gregg & I fell in love with him at first sight, in 2003, when we first saw him, he was the size of a tribble, with an attitude big enough for a Great Dane.  Or a Wookie.  Melted our hearts.  He entertained us – made us laugh, sometimes cry.  Smart – intuitive – charming – just dog-gone sweet to a fault & his timing was impeccable.  Some years back, I’d had a very stressful day, he went off & got his pink XOXO heart toy, plopped it down right at my feet, letters facing me, with a very expectantly happy expression.  How could I help but laugh?!

Laughing or crying? You be the judge. Maezi’s birthday, Auggie’s guarding the toys.

Auggie was very much the kisser-in-chief & he exercised that skill to ensure we didn’t stay in bed too long.  If I dallied, he would pull the covers off of my feet, in order to ‘help’ me get out of bed.  At that point he would ‘sassy bark’ to encourage me to get the heck out of bed to fix his & Maezi’s breakfast.  Meanwhile, once they were eating, I could sit down to have coffee & read the newspaper, only to have him leap up on the chair to burst through the paper like a circus dog, so that he could spread a little affection & always with a mischeivous grin.   He was just so darned happy about it.  He was happy all the time.  & charming.  Auggie figured out on his own how to actually hug.  On my lap, he’d stretch himself out & put both front paws around my neck.  It was his thing.  A huggy-kissy morning ritual.  Our morning ritual.  That’s what I miss most of all.

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