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What is beauty, but Spring?

Today is such a gorgeous day I feel like I could fly away… There!  Rhyming couplet.  I told you I would! I, Maezi, had my usual breakfast, tried to steal some coffee but was unsuccessful – I don’t know – it seems like Mom & Dad are on to my plotting.  I pretended that I […]

Isn’t She Lovely?

A twentieth fine August earth day Occasioned a comical mirth day …..I played with my sister …..So happy…I kissed her. Sweet Maezi – you’re FOUR – Happy Birthday!

Observing the rituals of Mother’s Day

Maezi & I are very mindful of the rituals in our lives…we have things we do every morning – if we don’t do it, it feels like we’re missing something.  But occasionally, we like to mix it up, so yesterday, we let Mom sleep in – until 7:01 am.  & today – till 7:23 am.  […]

Happy Barkin’ Easter

A beautiful, bright sunny day, I just wanted to frolic and play. …..But I’m stuck on my keester …..Just waiting for Easter… Those are BIG eggs for Bunny to lay! . . . . . . Maezi & I are going to have fun opening those…& when she’s not looking, or even when she is…I’m […]

Today is my birthday!

Eight blissful, furry years… Ya know, when people say, “It’s a dog’s life”, they are just jealous.  Because, let me tell ya.  Today, on my 8th birthday, I got to sleep in late, had a little breakfast, played some games, chased Maezi, & then had a nap. Then, I played some games, had a mani-pedi, […]

Ode to a “little Soul”

Grieving hearts break when a beloved passes on, & mend when celebrating the special life.  My Mom’s dear friend, Ljuba,  in Genoa, Italy, is a musician…& her cat, Duška, was, too. Ljuba says, “Duška means “ little Soul” in Russian.  She was an extraordinary creature, with a really dog-like devotion to me; she was following […]

Birthdays & other musings

Twenty one years ago today…my brother, Shaanti, was born.  I never knew him, because he was gone before I came to our house.  But, I’m told was lovely snuggly & sweet – The first “together child” in the family.  He liked lounging on chests & inventing his own games. . . . . . . […]

15 minutes

If I could write code, it would have been ingeniously brilliant…because  I would have worked it out to cause a cascade of dog toys to be delivered to every household with a dog – or a cat.  It would just annoy a cat to receive a dog toy… What’s up, now with hacking the tweeting? […]

Funny how things happen…

So I was explaining to Maezi about the “wish upon a moon” legend, & well, I was hoping for some new toys & bones…but I’m not sure where we’d put them because right now the house is discombobulated since one of the rooms is being painted & everything is in boxes in the living room […]

I love my chicken

I’m a bird lover.  That should be obvious given my fascination with the Jays.  But not only are they entertaining, they are also great to play with.